1946 Kett established by four engineers in Sapporo. Developed wood moisture tester and iron detector

1950 Kett develops coating thickness tester, infrared moisture determination balance, and grain moisture tester.

1953 Kett head office moves from Sapporo to Tokyo.

1954 Kett receives award for moisture testers at Monbu-sho Invention Exhibition.

1956 Kett grain moisture tester is adopted for official use by the Japanese government.

1958 Exported grain moisture tester is sent to Myanmar for official use.

1960 Kett begins sales of moisture tester through the sales network of the Agricultural Cooperative Association. Participates in "Moscow Fair".

1961 Kett develops portable grain moisture tester, model "Riceter".

1962 The tobacco-leaf moisture tester is adopted for official use by Nippon Tobacco Industries Co., Ltd.

1968 Kett develops ON-LINE moisture tester for plywood mills.

1970 Kett develops di-electric grain moisture tester for elevator use.

1975 Kett participates in the "First International Mechanical and Electro-Electronic Trade Fair" in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

1976 Kett participates in the "Agrichesmistry '76" trade fair in Moscow, Russia.

1977 Kett participates in the "Wood Working Show" in Russia.

1978 Kett participates in the "Exhibition of Agricultural Machines" in Beijing, China.

1979 Kett develops new coffee-cacao moisture tester in co-operation with the IFCC, Ivory Coast.

1982 Kett grain moisture tester "Riceter" is adopted for official use by Bangladesh government.

1983 Kett participates in the first "Scien Eqipex" in Ghanzou, China. Participates in "Technical Exchange of International Equipment in Agriculture" in Xian, Chian. Kett forms business tie-up with Trebor Industries Inc., U.S.A.

1985 Kett starts knock-down business of grain moisture tester, in China.

1987 Mr. M. Emori succeeds to become president of Kett Electronic Laboratory. Kett's body fat tester is developed and sales begin in the United States. Kett joins together with Trebor Industries, Inc. in the management of Futrex Inc., U.S.A.

1988 Kett develops Fitness Analyzer and the LE-300 series compact coating thickness testers.

1989 Kett develops a compact body fat tester. Sales begin in the United States.

1990 Kett develops the LZ-330 Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester and the FD-600 Infrared Moisture Determination Balance.

1991 Kett develops the model "900" series coating thickness testers.

1994 Kett develops the "Riceter J" Grain Moisture Tester and the AN-800 Near-Infrared Grain Tester.

1995 Kett develops "Wireless 200/300 Series" of coating thickness testers.

1996 The AN-800 Near Infrared Grain Tester receives the highest award for new product technology at the 7th Annual Ota-Ku New Products Competition in Japan. Kett develops Riceter J4 and J5 grain moisture testers.

1997 Kett develops FD-240 Infrared Moisture Determination Balance, LU-100 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Tester, and BFT-50 Body Fat Tester

1998 Kett completes construction of its Technical Center. Develops AN-700 Near- Infrared Grain Tester, FM-300 Micro-Moisture Analyzer, PM-400 Grain Moisture Tester, and LU-200 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Tester.

1999 Kett develops TX-200 Grain Scope, PQ-510 Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester, and PM-830 Grain Moisture Tester.

2000 Kett develops "Riceter m" Rice & Wheat Moisture Tester and HI-330 Fresh Concrete and Sand Moisture Tester.

2001Kett develops "Riceter m2" Rice & Wheat Moisture Tester and HI-900Z Compost Moisture Tester.

2002Kett develops MT-700 Wood Moisture Tester , PM-840 Polished Rice Moisture Tester , PM-830-2 Grain Moisture Tester , HB-200 Universal Moisture Tester , RN-310 Grain Inspector , FB-100 Asphalt Content Tester.

2003Kett develops FD-720 Infrared Moisture Determination Balance , "Riceter m5" Grain Moisture Tester ,HX-700 Hay Moisture Tester , "Data logger KDL-01" Software.

2004Kett develops FD-610 Infrared Moisture Determination Balance ,HX-300 Tatami (straw mat) Moisture Tester.

2005Kett develops FM-300A Infrared Moisture Determination Balance ,HI-900Z-2 Compost Moisture Tester.

2006Kett develops FW-100 Windshield for Infrared Moisture Balance , MT-900 Wood Moisture Tester.

2007Kett develops FD-800 Infrared Moisture Determination Balance , AN-820 NIR Component Analyzer .RN-600 Single-grain Rice Inspector , "Data logger FDL-01" Software ,LZ-990 Dual-Type Coating Thickness Tester.

2008Kett develops HK-300 series Paper Moisture Tester , "Riceter f" Rice & Wheat Moisture Tester , L-370 series Coating Thickness Tester.

2009Kett develops "Riceter f2" ,"Riceter f4" and "Riceter f5" Rice & Wheat Moisture Tester.

2010Kett develops PR-900 Rice Powder Moisture Tester , HB-400 Dried Noodles Moisture Tester.