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NIR Composition Analyzer
N.I.R. Composition Analyzers


Controller KJT-CNT2 is optional (Front).

A CPU is installed in the sensor head for intelligent operation. The KJT-700 allows flexible system configurations to meet a variety of application.The sensor head display yses high intensity red LED’s for clear visibility lighted areas. The processor unit uses both high intensity LED’s and LCD display for alphanumeric characters.The sensor head can be remotely monitored for information such as reflectance voltages, reference wavelengths, temperatures and humidity.When there is a change in the material being measured which results only in an offset bias (instead of a slope change), this function can be offset value rather than changing the analytical curve.The KJT-700 production line model can be integrated into a closed loop systems. The instrument responds to commands send from the host through the RS-232C communication line.
●Specifications KJT-700
Measurement method Near infrared Reflectance
Measurement distance 350mm±50mm
Measurement diameter ø50mm ( at 350mm)
Light source Tungsten lamp (20000 hours or more)
Display Red color 7 segment LED
Number of analytical curves 99
Ambient temperature / humidity 0 - 40°C / 0 - 95%RH (without condensation)
External communications RS-485×2, DC4-20mA
Power source AC 100V / 200V±10% (50/60Hz)
Power consumption 50VA
Protection Against dust and drop-proof
Dimensions & Weight 361(W)×177(D)×451(H)mm, 11 kg
Accessories Power cable, Zero adjustment plate, Mounting bolt, etc.
Options Controller KJT-CN2T, etc.