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Wheat / Barley Composition Analyzer
N.I.R. Composition Analyzers


AN-2000WB can easily measure the moisture and protein content of wheat, barley and soybeans. For soybeans, it can also measure oil content. As the analyzer utilizes the nearinfrared penetration method, sample preparation, such as crushing, etc before measurement is not required. Simply by placing the sample in the sample case and inserting this into the measuring chamber, the sample is measured automatically. An automatic elevating mechanism moves the sample case, measuring different parts of the sample and an average value is displayed after about 20 s.
●Specifications AN-2000WB
Measurement method Near infrared penetration method (720 - 1100 nm)
Applications Wheat, Barley, Soybeans (optional)
Measured components Moisture, Protein, Oil (Soybeans)
Display range Wheat: moisture 8-20%, protein 6-16%(CM13.5%); Two-rowed barley: moisture 9-20%, protein 6-15%(DM); Six-rowed barley: moisture 8-20%, protein 7-13%(DM); Soybeans (optional): moisture 6-20%, protein 25-40%(DM), oil 15-27%
Measurement time Approx. 75s
Display format Backlit dot matrix LCD
Input/Output terminals RS-232C, Printer output terminal
Power source AC100V (50/60Hz)
Dimensions & weight 510(W) x 380(D) x 270(H), Net 9.2kg