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NIR Rice Composition Analyser
N.I.R. Composition Analyzers


This is a composition analyser capable of measuring the composition, such as moisture, protein, and amylose, of brown or milled rice by a nondestructive measurement method.
This unit is ready-to-operate, since the calibration curves of short brown rice and short milled rice are pre-input. Also, the touch-panel allows easy operation. And the low price is achieved due to the simple mechanism.
●Specifications AN-920
Measurement method NIR Transmittance
Light source Tungsten lamp (bulb life: 20,000 hours)
Applications Short Brown rice, Short Milled rice
Components to be measured Moisture, protein, amylose (ref. value)
Sampling amount Approx. 60 mL
Number of calibration curve memories 4 components ×8 channels
Measuring time Approx. 40 sec.
Operating temperature 10 to 35 °C
Display 5.7inch Color LCD touch panel
External output RS-232C, USB, TCP/IP
Power supply 100 V - 240 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Max. power consumption 40W
Dimensions and weight 230 (W) × 400 (D) × 250 (H) mm, 8.5 kg
Accessories Power cable, Sample case ×2, Sampling cup, Fuse, Standard sample (Brown rice ×1, Milled rice ×1, with storage container), Operating manual
Options VZ-800 Printer