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NIR Moisture Analyzer
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The KB-230 is an nondestructive measurement method, and the moisture can be measured in real-time.
It has been developed solving the above issues as a key concept.
The idea of "equally emitting light at the bottom of the sample" became a solution. The distance between the sample and the light source is maintained equally, and the error due to grain size is eliminated.
Also, the sample cell is selectable from the variety of choices.
●Specifications KB-230
Measurement method Near-infrared reflection, light projected/
received at the bottom plane
Spectroscopy Filter
Measurement spot Diameter: approximately 25 mm
Number of calibration curves 50
Measurement speed Normal measurement: 7 sec. (subject to the
Continuous measurement: 0.5 sec. interval
Display Organic EL
Input/ Output USB (for PC I/O), RS-232C (for printer output)
Light source Tungsten lamp
Operating humidity range 5 to 35°C (no condensation) / 30 to 80%RH
Power supply 100-240 V AC (50/60Hz), 40W
Dimensions/ Weight 415(W)x370(D)x226(H)mm・13㎏
Accessories Light shielding cover, Sample cell (Petri dish,
ø90 mm), Zero-adjustment plate,
Sample cell holder, Power cable,
Fuse (spare), First Guide, Operating Manual