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NIR Composition Analyzers
KJT-270 / KTE-270F
N.I.R. Composition Analyzers

The KJT-270 is a desktop near-infrared composition analyzer. Just put the sample in the sample tray and place the tray on the turntable, and this high-precision component analyzer can measure it. When testing simple substances, this unit can display 4 component analyses consecutively, and when connected to a personal computer, 4 component analyses can be displayed simultaneously. The KTE-270F enables measurement with both transmittance and reflectance.By preparing two fiber probes for transmittance and reflectance, KTE-270F can be available for many samples.

* Plural components can be measured by a single operation.
* Low cost and compact.
* Even liquid sample can be measured.KTE-270F enables measurement with both transmittance and reflectance.
* The PC software is supplied as standard equipment.
●Specifications KJT-270 / KTE-270F
Measurement method KJT-270: Near infrared Reflectance
  KTE-270F: Near infrared transmittance and reflectance
Applications Milk powder, Wheat flour, Buckwheat powder, Rice powder, Fish powder, Feed, Processed paper, Nonwoven paper, Organic solvent, Film, etc.
Components Moisture, Protein, Oil, Sugar content, Fiber content, etc.
Measurement range differs depending on the sample
Display format Digital(LED)
Output RS-232C interface
Power source AC100V(50/60Hz)
Dimensions & Weight 249(W)x300(D)x335(H)mm, 9.5kg