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Near Infrared Component Analyzer
N.I.R. Composition Analyzers

The AN-900 is capable of measuring moisture content, Protein and Amylose in Short & Long Brown Rice and Milled Rice. Constituents are calculated based on the transmittance of the light. Processing of samples, such as husking and grinding etc., are not necessary with the AN-900. Measurements are started by simply loading a sample into the sample case. This allows quick, simple and non-destructive constituent analysis. Compared to the infrared reflectivity measurement method, the Near-Infrared Transmittance method employed by the AN-900 is relatively little affected by the shape or color of the sample and thus excellent measurement characteristics.
●Specifications AN-900
Measurement method Near-Infrared transmittance (720-1100nm)
Applications Brown Rice(Short & Long ) / Milled Rice(Short & Long )
Measured constituents Protein / Moisture Content / Amylose
Sample volume Approx. 60mL
Measurement range Brown Rice & Milled Rice
Moisture Content 10~20%,Protein 4~12%,Amylose
Measurement time Approx. 30 seconds
External output RS-232C interface
Environmental conditions Temperature : 0~40°C , Humidity : max of 85%RH
Power source AC100~120V / 220~240V (50/60Hz) , max 50W
Dimensions & weight 390(W)x295D)x186(H) , Net 9Kg Shipment 15Kg
Optional accessories Printer VZ-330