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Near Infrared Grain Tester
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The component analyzer AN-820 is able to measure components such as moisture, protein, and amylose (reference value) contained in brown and polished rice, without the need for preparations such as pulverizing the sample. It can also display a "quality rating value". This tester displays the component quality of rice, and we believe it is the optimal measuring device for quality control for rice producers, rice processers and wholesalers to scientifically manage the taste of rice.
●Specifications AN-820
Measurement method Penetrating-type near infrared spectroscopy
Light source Tungsten lamp (life 20,000hr)
Applications Brown Rice, Polished rice
Measured components Moisture, Protein, Amylose (reference value)
Display range Moisture 10-20%, Protein 4-10%, Amylose 15- 25% (reference value)
Sample volume Approx. 60 mL
Calibration curve Memory Capacity :4 Components x 8 Channels
Operating environment 10-35°C
Display format 320 x 240 dot matrix backlit LCD
Input/Output terminals RS-232C, Printer output terminal
Display content Calibration curve label, Protein value, Moisture value,
Amylose value (reference value), Quality rating value
Power source AC100V - 240V (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions & weight 260(W) x 350(D) x 380(H)mm, Net 13kg
Accessories 1x Power cable, 2x Sample case, 1x Sampling cup, 1x Spare fuse, 1x Each of standard sample (Brown rice, Polished rice), 1x Storage container (standard sample)
Options Dedicated printer VZ-330, Data logger software "NDL-02"