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Near-Infrared Moisture Tester
N.I.R. Composition Analyzers

This unit is a continuous, on-line type near infrared moisture meter. With it, you can control up to 30 separate sensors from one personal computer. Furthermore, it can handle up to 15 inspection lines in memory, so it is the perfect for various types of measurements. What's more, the sensor has been equipped with a moisture content display function, so the sensor can be used for even very simple purposes. Because the unit is dirt-resistant, there are very few restrictions on where you can place it.
●Specifications KTE-30
Measurement Method Near infrared Reflectance
Applications Food stuffs, Minerals, Fiber, Medicines, Pulp, etc.
Measurement Range 0.5-99.9%(differs according to sample)
Display Format Digital(LED)
Output RS-232C, RS-486 interface
Power Source AC100V(50/60Hz)
Dimensions & Weight 135(W)X254(D)X287(H)mm, 6.3kg