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The LZ-373 is a thickness tester capable of measuring the thickness of coated films on ferrous and non-ferrous metallic substrates. Designed for workplaces handling a variety of substrates and a variety of coatings, this multi-purpose coating thickness tester was born from Kett's design philosophy of meticulous attention to detail.
●Specifications LZ-373
Measurement method Uses both Electromagnetic Induction and Eddy-current Methods
Applications Non-magnetic coating on ferrous metal substrate and insulating coating on non-ferrous metal substrate
Measurement range Electromagnetic: 0-2500µm or 99.0mils
Eddy-current: 0-1200µm or 47.0mils
Measurement precision <50 µm ± 1 µm, 50 µm to <1000 vm ± 2%, ≥ 1000 µm ± 3%
Resolution <100 µm, 0.1 µm; ≥ 100 µm, 1 µm
Conformity Standard Electromagnetic induction:JIS K5600-1-7、JIS H8501、JIS H0401 / ISO 2808、ISO 2064、ISO 1460、ISO 2178、ISO 19840 / BS 3900-C5 / ASTM B 499、ASTM D 7091-5
Eddy-current:JIS K5600-1-7、JIS H8680-2、JIS H8501 / ISO 2808、ISO 2360、ISO 2064、ISO 19840 / BS 3900-C5 / ASTM D 7091-5
Data memory Approx. 39,000 points
Application memory 50 types of electromagnetic calibrations curves,
50 types of eddy current calibration curves.
Probe Single-point constant-pressure type probe (LEP-J, LHP-J)
Display format Digital (Backlit LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1 mm)
External output PC or printer output (RS-232C)
Power source 4x 1.5V batteries ("AA" size Alkaline)
Power consumption 80 mW (when backlight OFF)
Battery life 100 hrs (constant operation, backlight OFF)
Operating environmental 0-40°C
Functions 16 types of internal functions
Dimensions & weight 75(W) x 145(D) x 31(H) mm, Net 0.34 kg
Accessories Calibration foils, Ferrous metal substrate, Aluminium substrate, Carrying case, 4 x 1.5V batteries ("AA" size Alkaline)
Options Calibration foils (thicknesses other than those available as standard accessories), Measuring stand LW- 990