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The LE-373 is a coating thickness tester capable of measuring the thickness of films such as electroplate (not including nickel electroplating) and paints coated onto farrous metal substrates. It can transfer data to PCs, and is also capable of simple statistical analysis, such as recording the number of measurements, average value , maximum and minimum values, and standard deviation.
●Specifications LE-373
Measurement method Electromagnetic Induction Method
Applications Non-magnetic coating on ferrous metal
Measurement range 0-2500µm or 99.0mils
Measurement precision <50 µm ± 1 µm, 50 µm to <1000 µm ± 2%,
≥ 1000 µm ± 3%
Resolution <100 µm, 0.1 µm; ≥ 100 µm, 1 µm
Conformity Standard JIS K5600-1-7、JIS H8501、JIS H0401 / ISO 2808、ISO 2064、ISO 1460、ISO 2178、ISO 19840 / BS 3900-C5 / ASTM B 499、ASTM D 7091-5
Data memory Approx. 39,000 points
Application memory 100 types of calibrations curves
Probe Single-point constant-pressure type probe (LEP-J)
Display format Digital (Backlit LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1 µm)
External output PC or printer output (RS-232C)
Power source 4x 1.5V batteries ("AA" size Alkaline)
Power consumption 80 mW (when backlight OFF)
Battery life 100 hrs (constant operation, backlight OFF)
Operating environmental 0-40°C
Functions 16 types of internal functions
Dimensions & weight 75(W) x 145(D) x 31(H) mm, Net 0.34 kg
Accessories Calibration foils, Ferrous metal substrate, Carrying case, 4 x 1.5V batteries ("AA" size Alkaline)
Options Calibration foils (thicknesses other than those available as standard accessories), Measuring stand LW-990