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Electromagnetic Coating Thickness Tester
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The LE-200J is a portable coating thickness tester with a built-in printer. This unit can accurately and quickly measures many items such as magnetic plating (electrolyzed nickel plating not included), coating, painting, and lining without injuring or damaging the item. Furthermore, you can print out the measurement results on-site with the internal printer.
●Specifications LE-200J
Measurement Method Electromagnetic induction
Applications Non-magnetic coating on iron and steel (ferrous) substrates
Measurement Range 0-1500µm or 60.00mils
Measurement Precision Under 15µm: ±0.3µm, 15µm or greater: ±2%
Resolution 0.1µm (less than 100µm), 1.0µm (100µm or greater)
Conformity Standard JIS K5600-1-7、JIS H8501、JIS H0401 / ISO 2808、ISO 2064、ISO 1460、ISO 2178、ISO 19840 / BS 3900-C5 / ASTM B 499、ASTM D 7091-5
Statistical Functions Number of measurements, Average value, Standard deviation, Maximum value, Minimum value, Block numbers
Probe One-point contact fixed pressure (LEP-J)
Display Format Digital(LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1µm)
Output RS-232C interface(transmission speed-2400bps)
Power Source AC100V-220V (50/60Hz) or 1.5 ("AA" size Alkaline batteries) x 6 (main unit), Printer ("AA" size Alkaline batteries) x 4
Dimensions & Weight 120(W)X250(D)X55(H)mm, Net 1.0kg
Accessories Calibration foils, Iron substrate, Batteries (1.5V, "AA" size Alkaline), Probe adapter, AC adapter, Printer paper, Carrying case
Options L Probe LEP-21L(Probe for use on the inside surface of pipes),Data Management Software "McWave Series" and "MultiProp"
(McWave Series and MultiProp are products of CEC Co.)