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Data Collection Software
McWAVE Pro. / MultiProp.
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The McWAVE Series software package reads in measurement data from coating thickness testers into a computer, analyzes it, performs various statistical management tasks, and can even print out graphs based on the data. Furthermore, this software can export data to MS Excel or other programs as a data file.<

Statistical Functions: Lot as well as average value of all data, Standard deviation, Maximum value, Minimum value, Range, Coefficient of change, N value X-R: Displays the statistical values and data measurements of the lot units by moving the cursor above the graph Histogram: Series, range, : A}3É- optional range, formal distribution and 12 varieties of statistical value displays Printing: Data column, X-R graph, histogram.Data Logging and Analysis on PC.
Operating Environment Computers running Windows XP/ 2000/Me/NT4.0

Data Entry: 500 memory slots for received data, 999 for construction management, 500 for editing entries (construction credits) Form Printing: Designated form, Histogram, Picture of constructed form management, One look results chart, XR graph Form Types: The Ministry of Construction, Fukuhoku Highway, Shuto Expressway, English, Hanshin Expressway, Floodgate 4, Monorail, Osaka, Honshikodan, Nagoya Expressway, Chubu Chiken, Tokyo, Iwate-ken, Floodgate 5, The Ministry of Construction (Official), Hokuriku Chiken, English (JH), Hanshin Expressway (Official), Hanshin Expressway (2), Monorail (official), Odorokyo Painting Manual
Operating EnvironmentÍ Computers running Windows XP/ 2000/Me/NT4.0 (McWave and MultiProp are products of CEC Co.)