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Automatic Rice Husker


The TR-250 is an automatic rice husker for making brown rice samples. These samples are needed for electrical resistance grain moisture testers. To remove the husks (or hulls), simply pour a sample of paddy rice into the TR-250 hopper, close the cover and push the start key. While husking the rice, the brown rice is automatically moved to a separate case where it can be removed for the moisture test. The operation is very clean as the test is completely enclosed with the TR250 cover. Each sample is approx.20g. Using the TR-250 improved the efficiency of an agricultural facility like a rice testing laboratory or grain elevator as it makes it easy to take a variety of moisture measurements since sample preparation is not simplified.
●Specifications TR-250
Capacity Approx. 20 g/60 seconds
Moisture Range 12-18%
Safety System Automatic cutoff when overloaded
Power Source AC100V(50/60Hz)
Dimensions & Weight 205(W)X130(D)X130(H)mm, 1.8kg