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Grain Inspector

State of the art hardware is faithful to human eye. It watches samples and reflectance and transmittance scan like human eye does. RN-300 distiguishes and analyzes the rice grain as it is like in the manner of a human eye. It displays its measurement results in numeric data with video pictures.

* Optical Measurement system body
The sensor unit scans the sample to receive the RGB signals from it.
* 24sec. High speed process for the data and picture display
It takes only 24 seconds to displays and the analyzed numeric data and the detected picture of all the 1,148grains.
* All-in-one type, measurement, display and print out on the site
Camera, note PC, color LCD monitor and the printer is integrated in the Instrument.
* 10,000 memory capacity for pictures and detected data
The high performance PC allows quick and easy process of the re-data 10,000 pictures of the detected data.
●Specifications RN-300
Measurement format Optical format
Object of measurement Brown rice, Polished rice
Grain classifications Selectable for three, 6 and 21 classifications
Processing capability max 1148 grains per 24 seconds
Power source AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Accessories PC, Printer, Scanner, Carrying bag
Options Quality print software
Dimensions 580(W) x 230(D) x 420(H)mm
Weight Net 12.0kg