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Rice Freshness Analyzer

The "Freshness Meister" is a joint development between Kett and the Japan Grain Inspection Association. By placing polished rice in the measuring tray, adding color with a pH indicator, then reading in with a scanner and analyzing the image of each individual grain of rice, it is possible to manage rice freshness using images and numerical values. Since it is possible to quantify the testing process without relying on detecting color differences with the naked eye, it is thus possible to completely standardize the freshness measurement. The test utilizes pH indicator specified by the Japan Grain Inspection Association.
●Specifications RN-820
Measurement method Involves taking images of polished rice grains that have been colored with a pH indicator, then image processing and determining their freshness using the dedicated software "Freshness Meister"
Applications Polished rice
Measurement time 72 grains/ approx 10 min
Measurement results Ranking based on freshness standard set by the Japan Grain Inspection Association. It is also possible to rank according to user settings
Display content Measurement Results: Sample ranking and average pH, pH value of individual rice grains. Graph: pie graph and histogram showing pH distribution. Image: color image and scan image of rice grains. Numerical information: sample statistical data
Power source AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions & weight 276(W) x 450(D) x 116(H) mm, approx. Net 3.1kg (scanner)
Accessories Scanner RN-820, Grain arrangement block, Shield plate, 3x Trays, 5x Petri dishes, Color compensation plate, Template, 2x Freshness Meister indicator fluid (500 mL), Lens cleaner, Pincers, Spoon, Stick, Measuring cup, USB cord, Software