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Harvest Monitor

From the day rice sprouts, one must measure the rice paddy's ripening, and when the added amount reaches 1000°C, hitting the peak, one must harvest the paddy. There is a real danger, however, of harvesting too early or too late. Harvesting at the appropriate time guarantees the best yield and at the same time will yield a great improvement in quality. With this unit, if you set the rice paddy yield just once, it will automatically measure the temperature and display the most fruitful time to harvest.
●Specifications OT-300
Measurement Method Thermostat temperature detection
Applications Integrated field temperature
Measurement Range A fixed area of a radius of 2km (depending on conditions)
Display Format Digital(LCD)
Power Source 9V (Alkaline battery)
Dimensions & Weight Main unit: 60(W)x45(D)x105(H)mm, 0.15kg
Support unit: 30x30x1300(L)mm x 2
Sunshade hood: 200(W)x200(D)x250(H)mm