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Grain Polisher

This small size polished rice unit would be helpful when performing tests on mixed states of rice such as spotted rice, burned rice, partial rice, colored rice, non-glutinous rice, and mochi rice. A sampling of brown rice for inspection only takes a short 30 seconds for measurement. What's more, a rubber plate has been provided, so the unit won't stick to the rice, and it finishes clean. This ballast can also handle barley, so it would be perfect for fullness inspections or testing for selective breading of barley, etc.
●Specifications PEARLEST
Sample Mass and Necessary Time: Brown rice: 10g/30sec., Barley: 10g/60sec
Power Source AC100V/220V(50/60Hz)
Dimensions & Weight 95(W)X130(D)X160(H)mm, 2.0kg