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Grain Crusher

If you dry large chunks of samples with an Infrared Moisture Determination Balance, not only will it take a considerable amount of time to heat to the center of the samples, but the surface of the sample might scorch, making it impossible to get an accurate measurement. What would help you in this case is the TQ-100. The roll-mill was made to crush samples for use in moisture content measuring, and the unit is small enough to use at your own desk. In addition to rice or other grains, this unit is ideal for crushing various food stuffs, aggregates, coal, etc. Using this in your laboratory or research facility or using it in testing or inspection would be very helpful and convenient.
●Specifications TQ-100
Sample Weight Roughly5g
Grain Size 20-30 mesh (rice)
Dimensions & Weight 80(W)X70(D)X180(H)mm, 1.2kg