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Powder Whiteness Tester


This instrument measures the whiteness of various powders, such as starch, wheat, sugar, drugs and cement. It is smaller and lighter than the conventional C-100. The amount of sample required for measurement has been reduced by redesigning the sample case. In addition, sample packing has been made easier. Less time needed for preparation and a shorter warm-up period sensitivity adjustment time at start-up results in faster measurements. The use of LEDs for the light source means lower power consumption and internal heat. Regular cleaning of the glass filter is necessary for accurate measurements. A redesigned filter section simplifies cleaning.
●Specifications C-130
Measurement Method Reflectivity measurement
Applications Various types of powder (Starch, Wheat flour, Tapioca flour, Cement etc.)
Measurement Item Whiteness (different from JIS whiteness)
Measurement Range 5.0-120.0
Resolution 0.1
Display Format Fluorescent display tube
Functions User calibration curve, sensitivity adjustment notification, average, printer output
Environment Temperature:5-40℃ ,
Humidity:30-85%RH (non-condensing)
Light Source Blue LED
Output RS-232C
Power Source AC 100-120V, AC 200-240V (50/60Hz)
Dimensions & Weight 375 (W) × 220 (D) ×250 (H) mm, Net7.0 kg
Accessories Whiteness standard plate, Whiteness standard plate case, Sample platter x 5, Sample platter holder, Spoon with spatula, Brush, Cleaning brush, Blower brush, Glass wiper, Replacement fuse, Power cord, Power plug conversion adapter, Simple guide to sampling, User manual
Options Printer VZ-330 (Cable : VZC-14)