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Windshield with Deodorizer
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FW-100 is a windshield for the infrared moisture determination balance FD series, fitted with a deodorizing function. When an infrared moisture balance is placed within, the FW- 100 reduces the effect of external air currents on the high precision balance. Furthermore, depending on the sample type, unpleasant odors may sometimes be emitted during moisture measurement. The deodorizing filter reduces this odor.
●Specifications FW-100
Dimensions 333 (W) x 465 (D) x 509 (H) mm(when assembled)
Weight 5.3 kg
Applicable devices FD-800, FD-720, FD-620, FD-610, FD-600, FD-240
Set contains Upper Lid (includes shutter, 2x deodorizing filters), 2x Side panels, Rear panel, Front face metal fixtures
Replacement parts Deodorizing filter