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Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester
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The PQ-520 is grain moisture tester continuously measures the moisture of a sample one kernel at a time, thus making it possible to accurately determine the moisture distribution of the sample and preventing uneven moisture caused by inadequate drying.
●Specifications PQ-520
Measurement Method Electrical resistance
Applications / Measurement Range PQ-5203
Milled rice: 11-20%, Brown rice: 11-20%, Paddy rice: 11-35%, Barley: 10-40%, Wheat: 10-40%, Naked barley: 10-35%

Long milled rice: 11-20%, Short milled rice: 11-20%, Long brown rice: 11-20%, Short brown rice: 11-20%, Long Paddy: 11-35%, Short Paddy: 11-35%, Long parboiled rice: 11-20%, Jasmine milled rice: 11-20%, Jasmine paddy: 11-35%,
Barley: 10-40%, Naked barley: 10-35%,
Wheat: 10-40%, Long sticky paddy: 11-35%, Long sticky milled rice: 11-20%
Measurement Precision ±0.5% (moisture less than or equal to 20%) 
Measurement Time Less than 40 seconds per 100 kernels (measurement of brown rice, time for display of average moisture value)
Display Format Fluorescent tube display
Display Content Selected grain type, average moisture value, kernel count, time, moisture distribution (histogram)
Temperature Correction Automatic instrument temperature correction using a thermostat
Kernel Count 10-1000 (Selectable)
Operating Range 5-40°C, Lessthan 85% RH (non-condensing)
Output RS-232C interface (for printer), USB (for PC)
Power Source AC 100-120V (50/60 Hz) Power cord A
AC 200-240V (50/60 Hz) Power cord B
Dimensions & Weight 320(W)X254(D)X382(H)mm, Net 9.0kg
Accessories Scoop, Tweezers, Power cord A or Power cord B
Options Printer (VZ-330 w/VZC-14 cable)
Data logger software (PDL-01)