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Paper Moisture Tester
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The KH-70 is a microprocessor controlled hand-held moisture meter. It is reliable and simple to use and intended for rapid and non-destructive evaluation of the moisture content of paper, tissue carton and cardboard. The KH-70 can be used in production, inspection control and further treatment of paper materials.
●Specifications KH-70
Measurement Method Capacitance type
Applications Carton, Cardboard, Paper, Tissue filter paper, Crepe paper, Package paper, Fluting paper, Kraft paper, Offset paper, Corrugated fiberboard
Measurement Range Paper : 0-33%, Cardboard : 0-175%
Measurement Precision Varies according to application
Display Format Digital (LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)
Power Source 9V (6LF22 Alkaline battery)
Dimensions & Weight 72(W)×150(D)×25(H)mm, 0.15kg (only main unit)
Accessories Carrying case