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Concrete and Mortar Moisture Tester
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The HI-520-2 concrete and mortar moisture tester can measure
moisture contents by simply placing the moisture sensor against objects to be measured thanks to the introduction of high-frequency capacitance method for measurement.
In addition to the functions of the conventional type, HI-520 , which has been widely used in the industry, this product has an enlarged screen with embedded backlight, and ergonomically redesigned housing and switches, i.e. HI-520-2 has become a more user-friendly instrument.
●Specifications HI-520-2
Measurement Method High frequency capacitance(20MHz)
Applications Concrete, Mortar, ALC, Artificial lightweight aggregate concrete, Gypsum board, Calcium silicate board
Measurement Range Concrete: 0-12%, Mortar: 0-15%, ALC: 0-100%, Artificial Lightweight aggregate concrete: 0-23%, Gypsum board: 0-50%, Calcium silicate board: 0-15%, D mode:0-1999, S mode: 0-1100
Precision  ±0.5% (Concrete, Mortar)
Functions Temperature correction, backlight, upper limit of moisture content alarm setting, hold, user calibrations (8 pcs.)
Display Format Digital(LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)
Power Source 9V (006P Alkaline battery)
Dimensions & Weight 72(W)X148(D)X118(H)mm, Net 0.39kg
Accessories 9 V alkaline battery (006P), soft case (with strap), operating manual
Options Data logger software HDL-01 (with USB cable)