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Wood Moisture Tester
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The newest and smallest wood moisture tester, the HM-530 operates on the principle of electromagnetism. It is totally nondestructive to the surface of the wood being measured and can measure deep inside the wood. Using a built-in, powerful microcomputer, it displays direct readings. Any type of lumber can be measured by simply adjusting dials on the face of the instrument for depth, density and temperature. The tester comes with a manual listing the density of hundreds of wood types.
●Specifications HM-530
Measuring method Dielectric constant
Applications Wood, plywood
Measuring range 2 ~ 150%
Accuracy 0.5%.
Alarm setting 4 ~ 19%
Power source Battery 1 pc. 9V (006P Alkaline)
Dimensions 131(H) x 108(W) x 53(D)mm
Weight Net 0.5kg
Shipment 1.5kg