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Jute Moisture Tester
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This moisture tester was developed to precisely, and in a short period of time, measure the moisture content of a jute. The HX-400 can measure domestic and imported jute from producing countries such as India and Bangladesh, and if it's a jute distributed domestically, you can measure it just the way it is - with no modifications. The HX-400 is ideal for quality control purposes and inspection of jute during trading and dealing.
●Specifications HX-400
Measurement Method Electrical resistance
Applications Jute
Measurement Range 6~100%(Dry base)
Measurement Precision Standard error 0.9%
(Moisture values of 20% or lower)
Display Format Digital(LCD)
Power Source 6PCS. 1.5V Batteries ("AA" size Alkaline)
Dimensions & Weight 110(W)X210(D)X50(H)mm, Net 0.5kg
Shipment 440(W)x400(D)x160(H), 4.3kg