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Fresh Concrete Moisture Tester
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With the HI-300, you can easily find the moisture content and single unit water volume on-site by simply placing the weight-screened mortar into the sample tray and pressing the measurement key. You can even send the control data information to a printer. Furthermore, in addition to measuring the moisture content of mortar.
●Specifications HI-300
Measurement Method Capacitance
Applications Mortar (things that have been weight-screened by wet Concrete
Measurement Range Mortar: 20-40% (volume moisture rate)
Measurement Precision Mortar: ±0.5% (repeated precision)
Aggregates used with the HI-330: ±0.3% (repeated Precision)
Display Format Digital(LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)
Output RS-232C interface
Power Source AC100V (AC Adapter for 9V use) or 1.5V ("C" size batteries) x 6
Additional Features Individual moisture mass estimate, Cement composition estimate (comparing water vs. cement), User scale registration, Combination data registration, Average value, 126 memory slots, 15 minute auto power-off
Dimensions & Weight 300(W)X264(D)X197(H)mm, Net 2.5kg
Shipment 13.5kg
Accessories Sample case, Additional connector, Dummy, AC adapter, Carrying case
Options Printer(VZ-350)