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This simple-to-use system allows the user to accurately measure samples as low as two parts per million(2ppm). Unlike Karl Fisher Titrators since no chemical reagents are used, only moisture is measured (as chemical interaction is eliminated).Kett's FM-300A eliminates the cost of reagents and preparation necessary for Karl Fisher Titrators as well as the expensive disposal cost of the verious wastes.
●Specifications FM-300A
Measurement method Filter Moisture Adsorption
Sample mass 10mg~5g
Resolution 0.01mg) / 2ppm (When a sample weights 5g)
Measurement mode Time/Automatic measurement
External I/O Standard RS-232C serial interface
Parallel out-put for optional printer
Heat source 400W EC heater
Power source AC100/120/220/240V(50/60Hz)
Dimension & weight Net;585(W)X520(D)X480(H)mm,approx.37kg
Options Printer model VZ-330(including printer cable)
Data logger software(KDL-01)