Attention : About reading of PDF documents.

(1) When read PDF documents with a PC.
In the case of "Windows 8" or "Mac OS", the OS of the PC to read can read PDF documents by default.
The case except these OS's has to download PDF browser "Adobe Reader" (gratis).
A download has "Adobe Reader" from follows.
"Adobe Reader", a download site.

(2) When read PDF documents at a smartphone and a tablet terminal.
When you read PDF documents at a smartphone and the tablet terminal of "Android OS"
There is the case that a download of "Adobe Reader" is necessary depending on the product which you use.
"Adobe Reader" for "Android OS", a download site.

Reading is possible by "Safari" of the standard browser when you read PDF documents in "iPhone" and "iPad".

(3) Resolution and the capacity of PDF documents.
It is resolution assuming the PDF documents of the "support" page reading it with the display of the PC.
It is necessary for some PDF documents to display the details clearly and becomes the high-resolution PDF.
Therefore, when you read these PDF documents at a smartphone and a tablet terminal, there is the thing that there is not indication depending on the performance of the apparatus.

"Windows 8" is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
"Mac OS", "Safari", "iPhone", "iPad" are trademarks of Apple Inc.
"Android OS" is a trademark of Google Inc.
"Adobe Reader" is a trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.