Composition Analyzers Wheat / Barley Composition Analyzer AN-2000WB [Discontinued]

Discontinued product
Composition Analyzers


Wheat / Barley Composition Analyzer AN-2000WB [Discontinued]
  • Measures moisture content and protein of wheat and barley
  • Measures moisture, protein and oil content of soybeans (optional)


Measurement methodNear infrared penetration method (720 - 1100 nm)
ApplicationsWheat, Barley, Soybeans (optional)
Measured componentsMoisture, Protein, Oil (Soybeans)
Display rangeWheat: moisture 8-20%, protein 6-16%(CM13.5%); Two-rowed barley: moisture 9-20%, protein 6-15%(DM); Six-rowed barley: moisture 8-20%, protein 7-13%(DM); Soybeans (optional): moisture 6-20%, protein 25-40%(DM), oil 15-27%
Measurement timeApprox. 75s
Display formatBacklit dot matrix LCD
Input/Output terminalsRS-232C, Printer output terminal
Power sourceAC100V (50/60Hz)
Dimensions & weight510(W) x 380(D) x 270(H), Net 9.2kg