Moisture Analyzers Concrete and Mortar Moisture Tester HI-520 [Discontinued]

Discontinued product
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Concrete and Mortar Moisture Tester HI-520 [Discontinued]
  • This unit is a high-frequency method, handy moisture tester that combines the sensor unit with the main unit. If you set the thickness and temperature on the correction dial and press the unit lightly against the object to be measured, the moisture value will be quickly displayed. This unit contains an internal microcomputer that automatically performs temperature correction, so you can perform measurements without worrying about changes in the measuring environment. Furthermore, the HI-520 can measure moisture to an average thickness of 40mm, so you can also consider moisture differences between the surface and interior of the object. In addition, this unit is equipped with various convenient functions such as an alarm and hold function and has been made to be even easier to use.


Measurement Method Capacitance(20MHz)
ApplicationsConcrete, Mortar, ALC, Artificial lightweight aggregate concrete, Plaster
Measurement RangeConcrete: 0-12%, Mortar: 0-15%, ALC: 0-100%, Artificial Lightweight aggregate concrete: 0-23%, Plaster: 0-50%
Measurement Precision ±0.5% (concrete, mortar)
Display FormatDigital(LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)
Power Source9V (006P Alkaline battery)
Dimensions & Weight 56(W)X130(D)X110(H)mm, Net 0.3kg


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