Moisture Analyzers Near Infrared Moisture Meter JE-400 [Discontinued]

Discontinued product
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Near Infrared Moisture Meter JE-400 [Discontinued]
  • Possessing a wide measurement range, this Near Infrared Moisture Meter covers anything from low-reflectivity items such as black coal or coke, to high reflectivity materials such as white wheat (flour) or alumina. This unit has a correction feature that responds to composition changes in the sample and displays the moisture value after taking into account any component that may have effected the moisture value measurement, truly making this unit a high-grade, flexible online moisture tester.


Measurement Method Near infrared ReflectanceOptional double fusion, 3 wave length method option
ApplicationsFood stuffs, Minerals, Fiber, Medicines, Pulp, Wheat flour, Alumina, Coal, Cokes, Mineral sand, Ferrite, Sludge, Potting compost
Measurement Range 0.5-99.9%(differs depending on the sample)
Display FormatDigital(Sensor: LED, Control Unit: LCD+LED)
Output RS-232C interface
Power Source AC100V(50/60Hz)
Dimensions & WeightSensor: 151(W)x 291(D)x443(H)mm, 7.5kgControl unit: 291(W)x 255(D)x197(H)mm, 7.7kg