Moisture Analyzers 【Discontinued】 Near Infrared Moisture Meter JE-500

Discontinued product
Moisture Analyzers


【Discontinued】 Near Infrared Moisture Meter JE-500
  • When this unit measures for moisture, it measures not only water, but also the near-infrared absorption wavelength of principal components. The JE-500 was made to eliminate these noises and is a near-infrared light moisture tester that is effected very little by densities of components besides water. Even if samples are different, the inspection line is uniform, so there is no need to change anything out.


Measurement MethodNear infrared Reflectance
ApplicationsFood stuffs, Minerals, Fiber, Medicines, Pulp, Wheat flour, Pet food, Alumina, Coal, Cokes, Mineral sand, Ferrite, Sludge, Potting compost
Measurement Range 0.5-99.9%(differs depending on the sample)
Display FormatDigital(Sensor: LED, Control Unit: LCD+LED)
OutputRS-232C interface
Power SourceAC100V(50/60Hz)
Dimensions & Weight Sensor: 160(W)x 325(D)x449(H)mm, 8.8kgControl unit: 291(W)x 263(D)x197(H)mm, 7.7kg