Moisture Analyzers NIR Moisture Meter KJT-130

Moisture Analyzers


NIR Moisture Meter KJT-130
  • Portable handy NIR moisture analyzer
  • Drives with rechargeable battery
  • Data logging and calibration curve creation by operating keys on the main unit


Measurement distance :150mm±25mm
Measurement diameter :ø25mm (150mm)
Measurement distance indication :The red LED beam falls on the circumfer ence of the measurement beam.
Response time :2 seconds
Display refresh cycle :0.2 seconds
Number of analytical curves50
Display :LCD with back light
Display character :Alphanumeric characters, symbols
External communications :RS-232C, Equivalent to Hirose MX30-6P-C.
External output data :Measured dataAnalytical curve dataInput data for analytical curve calculation
External connecting devices :Dedicated printer (one-way communication) IBM PC compatible (two-way communication)
Power source :DC6.8V, 2A (steady state)
Mounting screw for fixing the machine:3/8-inch standard mounting screw
Ambient temperature :10 to 30 (temperature compensation range)
Ambient humidity :0 to 80%RH (without condensation)
Dimensions :210 (W) x 102 (D) x 172 (H) mm
Weight :Net 1.1kg Shipment 3.0kg
Accessories :Battery (1),Carrying case, Hood with zero adjustmentplate AC100V to 240V Charger, Strap