Moisture Analyzers 【Discontinued】 NIR Moisture Meter KJT-230

Discontinued product
Moisture Analyzers


【Discontinued】 NIR Moisture Meter KJT-230


Measurement distance :120mm±5mm
Measurement diameter :ø20mm
Response time :2 seconds
Display refresh cycle :0.3 seconds
Number of analytical curves :50
Analytical curve selection method :Key-in, communications line
Approximate expressions :Linear, quadratic, and cubic equations of analytical curves
Light source :Tungsten lamp (standard life: 20000 hours)
Display :7-segment LED
Display data :Moisture content value, absorbance, other data
External communications :RS-232C, D-SUB25P-M
Self-adjustment :Automatic zero adjustment
Time constant (smoothing) :6 settings (0 to 16 sec.)
Self-diagnostic function :Error code display
Power source :AC100V ~ 240V (50/60Hz)
Power consumption:36VA
Ambient temperature :10 to 40 (temperature compensation range)
Ambient humidity :0 to 80%RH (without condensation)
Dimensions :230 (W) x 265 (D) x 305 (H) mm
Weight :Net 9.0kg Shipment 11.0kg
Accessories :Sample containers with glass covers 60mmf. 18mm (3sets) Fuse 1A


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