Composition Analyzers NIR Composition Analyzers KJT-270 / KTE-270F

Composition Analyzers


NIR Composition Analyzers KJT-270 / KTE-270F
  • Desktop analyzer uses reflected light of near-infrared light
  • Displays results in several seconds after applying light
  • Measures up to four ingredients simultaneously
  • Data logging and calibration curve creation by operating keys on the main unit


Measurement methodKJT-270: Near infrared Reflectance
 KTE-270F: Near infrared transmittance and reflectance
ApplicationsMilk powder, Wheat flour, Buckwheat powder, Rice powder, Fish powder, Feed, Processed paper, Nonwoven paper, Organic solvent, Film, etc.
ComponentsMoisture, Protein, Oil, Sugar content, Fiber content, etc.
Measurement rangediffers depending on the sample
Display formatDigital(LED)
OutputRS-232C interface
Power sourceAC100V(50/60Hz)
Dimensions & Weight249(W)x300(D)x335(H)mm, 9.5kg


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