Moisture Analyzers Wood Moisture Tester MT-730

Moisture Analyzers


Wood Moisture Tester MT-730
  • Measures 16 kinds of wood materials without conversion
  • Features an average value display, automatic temperature correction and upper limit alarm
  • Moisture value correction available


Measurement PrincipleElectrical resistance
ApplicationsVeneer / wood
CalibrationsFor hardwood (broad-leaved trees) and softwood (needle-leaved trees) use*1 (Reference method: ISO 13061-1)
16 wood group classifications*2
Measurement Range*36 to 40% (hardwood), 7 to 40% (softwood)
4 to 40% (when wood groups 1-16 are selected, varies with group type*2)
Measurement PrecisionBelow 20%: ±0.5%
20% and higher: ±2.0% (precision with respect to base resistance)
DisplayDigital (LCD)
Operating Temperature Range0 to 40˚C
FunctionsAutomatic temperature compensation, average value display, Upper limit alarm setting (10 to39% and Off), Auto power off (automatically turns off after approximately 5 minutes), Moisture value bias adjustment (–9.9 to +9.9%)
Power Supply, Power Consumption1.5 V batteries (AA alkaline) (6), approximately 0.45 W
Dimensions and Weight110 mm (W) x 210 mm (D) x 50 mm (H), 0.5 kg
AccessoriesNeedle probe, spare needle (10), conductive rubber (2), wrench, shoulder strap, 1.5 V battery (AA alkaline) (6), carrying case, operating manual, wood group number table (Japanese and English) (1 each)
 *1 Calibrations were prepared using the most recent wood and measurement techniques. Different values are displayed for the calibrations of the 16 wood group classifications.
*2 Uses the same calibrations as our “TURKU, MT-8S, MT-700 (production of the preceding 3 products discontinued) ” wood moisture testers. Refer to p. 20 “8. Wood Group Number Table”.
*3 Range when measured at 20°C. For temperatures below 20°C, the measurable lower limit value increases by 0.1% per 1°C.