Moisture Analyzers Wood Moisture Tester MT-900

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Wood Moisture Tester MT-900
  • High-end MT-700 model covers wide range of moisture values
  • Built-in calibration curves exclusive for broad‐and needle-leaved trees
  • Can send data to a PC


Measurement methodElectrical Resistance Method
ApplicationsSingle plank, all wooden materials
Calibration curvesBroad leaf tree, Conifer (Standard Method: ISO 3130), 16 types of tree species
Measurement range6-80% (Broad leaf), 7-80% (Conifer), 4-40% (when tree types No. 1 - 16 selected, will depend on particular tree species)
Measurement precisionmoisture < 20% ± 0.5%; moisture 20% ± 2.0% (precision compared to standard resistance)
Display formatDigital (LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)
Allowable temperature range0-40°C
Additional functionsAutomatic temperature compensation, Average value display, Auto Off (turns power OFF automatically after approx. 5 min) Max value alarm setting (10 - 79%, or OFF), moisture value compensation (-9.9% - 9.9%)
Power source6pcs. 1.5V Batteries ("AA" size Alkaline)
Power consumptionApprox. 0.45 W
Dimensions & weight110(W)x210(D)x50(H)mm, Net 0.5Kg ,Shipment 440(W)x400(D)x160(H), 4.5Kg
Accessories4-Needle sensor, 10x Spare needles, 2x Conductive rubber pieces, Wrench, 6x 1.5V Batteries ("AA" size Alkaline), Carrying case, Shoulder strap, Tree species number chart (1x Japanese and 1x English)
OptionsPrinter (VZ-330 or VZ-390), Printer cable (VZC26 or VZC70)