Moisture Analyzers Grain Moisture Tester PB-3100 series

Moisture Analyzers


Grain Moisture Tester PB-3100 series
  • Electric resistance type, standard desktop rice and grain moisture tester
  • Printer connectable


Measurement methodAC Resistance Format
Applications●Model PB-3103Paddy, Milled Rice, Parboiled Rice, Parboiled Paddy, Tapioca Pellet, Tapioca Flour
●Model PB-3104Wheat, Flour (Cake & Noodle, Bread & Pasta), Noodle, Pasta, Corn Flour
Measurement Range6.0-35.0%
Accuracy±0.5%(drying method) at moisture of 20% or less (In an environment without abnormal electromagnetic noise)
Display128×64 Dot matrix LCD
Display ContentMoisture(%), Number of measurement, Average value, Measurement items, Unit temperature
Response TimeApproximately 3 seconds
Sample TemperatureAutomatic compensation using thermistor
Operating Temperature0-40°C
Operating Humidity95%R.H. or less (no condensation)
OutputPrinter output (RS-232C)
Power supplyAC100-120V or 220-240V
Batteries (1.5 V alkaline “D” size, x4)(Approximately 23 hours continuous operation)
Power consumption5W
Dimensions & weight250(W)×240(D)×125(H)mm, 3.5kg
AccessoriesMetal plate(PB-3103), Sample dish, 15% checker, Measuring spoon, Crushing handle, Brush, Spiral brush, Batteries (1.5 V Alkaline “D” size, x4), Power code A (100-120V) or Power code B (220-240V), Power plug conversion adapter
OptionPrinter (VZ-330 or VZ-380)