Moisture Analyzers Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester PQ-510 [Discontinued]

Discontinued product
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Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester PQ-510 [Discontinued]
  • The PQ-510 is a moisture tester designed to quickly and continuously measure each grain of rice of a sample set. By using this kind of measuring method, this unit is able to accurately find the moisture distribution of samples of large quantity and prevent moisture unevenness due to insufficient drying preparation.


Measurement Method Electrical resistance
ApplicationsBrown rice, Polished rice, Paddy, Barley, Wheat, Rye
Measurement RangeBrown rice: 11-20%, Polished rice: 11-20%, Paddy: 11-35%, Barley: 10-40%, Wheat: 10-40%, Rye: 10-20%
Measurement Precision ±0.5% (at moisture less than 20%)
Measurement Time Less than 40 seconds/100 grains (figured using Brown rice, Average moisture value display time)
Display FormatDigital (LED, numerical values/histogram displayed in LED)
Display Content Numerical values: Average moisture value, Number of grains, Time, Temperature Histogram: Moisture distribution
Temperature CorrectionAutomatic temperature correction according to thermostat (instrument temperature correction)
Grain Number Setting From 10-1000 grains/optional setting
Environment for Operation0-40°C
OutputRS-232C interface
Power Source AC100V-220V(50/60Hz)
Dimensions & Weight307(W)X204(D)X305(H)mm, Net 6.0kg Shipment 12kg


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