Appearance Analyzers Single-grain Rice Inspector RN-600

Appearance Analyzers


Single-grain Rice Inspector RN-600
  • Judges appearance quality of unpolished/polished rice in high-speed and separates
  • Measures 1000 grains of unpolished/polished rice in approximately 40 seconds
  • Instrument certified by the Japan Mizuho Food Inspection Association


Measurement formatOptical format (Color CCD, Iine image sensor)
Object of measurementBrown rice (non-glutinous rice), Polished Rice
Grain classificationsEven grain,cracked grain,immature grain, discolored grain,dead grain,damaged grain
Measurable quantityGrain Quality Specification Mode: 1-2000 grains Entire Sample Mode
Display formatDigital (dot-matrix LCD)
Display contentNumber of grains per class, sample composition percentage, measurement threshold value
Processing capabilityApproximately 1000 grains per 40 seconds(it deffers depending on the condition)
Operating environment5 ~ 35°C
Light courceLED
Power courceAC100V ± 10%(50/60Hz)
Dimensions & weight404(W)x486(D)x384(H), Net 15.0kg ,Shipment 800(W)x620(D)x560(H), 25.0kg
Input/Output terminalsUSB 1.1, Serial I/O Terminal (RS-232C),Parallel
OutputTerminal (for optional printer, Centrol standard)
AccessoriesBlower brush, measuring spoon, silicon cloth, brush, tweezers, fuse, power supply cable (Standard plate (not included with RN-600 Ver.1.0)
OptionsVZ-360 printerData logger software