Options Electromotion Rice Husker TR-200 [Discontinued]

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Electromotion Rice Husker TR-200 [Discontinued]
  • The TR-200 is an electromotion rice husker device designed to prepare samples of brown rice for testing in a electrical resistance rice/wheat moisture tester. It's extremely easy to operate - simply press a button and put the unhusked rice in the hopper. In no time at all the husking will be performed, and the brown rice and chaff will be clearly separated. The one time hulling amount for this unit is roughly 20g. This machine would make the ideal inspection device for crop inspection centers, license centers, or any crop facility or other place where moisture measurement takes place.


Appropriate Moisture Range12-18%
Sample Weight and Necessary TimeApprox. 20 g/60 seconds
Safety FeatureOverload automatic shutdown device
Power Source AC100V(50/60Hz)
Dimensions & Weight 205(W)X130(D)X130(H)mm, 1.8kg


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