Options Fresh Concrete Shaker TZ-610



Fresh Concrete Shaker TZ-610
  • Sifter for HI-300, HI-330
  • Quick wet screening
  • For generating uniform samples without individual user differences
  • Power-charging type that is very useful at sites without power supplies


Shaking methodvibrator style
Applicationsfresh concrete
Time requiredapprox 5 min (with three cases of test samples for the fresh concrete and sand moisture tester)
Ambient temperatures0-40 °C
Power sourceCustom-ordered 14.4V nickel cadmium rechargeable battery
Dimension & Weight360(W) x 454(D) x 620(H) mm, approx Net 16.0 kg.
Accessoriesmixer (#4.75 mm), spatula, sample reception bat, two custom-ordered 14.4V nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries, custom-ordered recharger C1414 (AC 100V, 50/60Hz)